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Sheffield Flood, Ruins of Waterloo Houses, next to River Don, at the end of Cornish Street, Philadelphia, Neepsend
Sheffield Flood, View from Ball Street Bridge, showing damage to houses fronting Neepsend Lane, River Don, foreground
Sheffield Flood, Remains of the Blue Ball Inn, (licensee William Cooper) and cottages, Bradfield Road
Sheffield Flood, site of Malin Bridge where bridge crossed Rivers Loxley and Rivelin
Sheffield Flood, Remains of Trickett's Farm belonging to James Trickett, at the junction of Rivers Rivelin and Loxley, household of eleven people washed away and drowned
Sheffield Flood, remains of William I. Horn and Co., Wisewood Forge and Rolling Mill (Bradshaw Wheel), Loxley Valley
Sheffield Flood, remains of Daniel Chapman's House at Little Matlock, Loxley, household of six people were washed away and drowned
Sheffield Flood, Low Bridge, Owlerton
Sheffield Flood, remains of Upper Wheel, owned by George Hawksley (often referred to as Hawksley's Wheel), River Loxley, Owlerton
Sheffield Flood, remains of a summer house from the garden of George Hawksley (owner of Upper Wheel, Owlerton), which was carried away and deposited in the middle of a dam
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