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Journalist's telegram regarding the Great Sheffield Flood (page 1 of 3)

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Title:Journalist's telegram regarding the Great Sheffield Flood (page 1 of 3)
Date Period:1800-1850

By Telegraph.


Tremendous Flood in Sheffield.

Valley of the Don Submerged.

Great destruction of Life and Property.

At about one o'clock this morning the inhabitants of the lower parts of the Town were awakened by a fearful noise. It was an enormous volume of water washing down the River bed and carrying with it woodwork and stone from above and causing death and destruction to all below. Hundreds of poor people awoke to find their houses fast filling with water and as hastily throwing on any garments at hand and made their escape. Numbers made their way to the Police Office where a large fire was made in the outer room around which the poor unfortunate clustered. It was pitiful to hear their lamentations. Gibraltar Street, Spring Street, Corporation Street, Bridge Street, and the surrounding neighbourhood are one sheet of water but (...)

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Original at Sheffield City Archives: MD1878/1.