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Rail Crash at Dore and Totley Station

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Ref No:s03777
Title:Rail Crash at Dore and Totley Station
Date Period:1900-1919
Photographer:Morgan and Son

Photograph shows damaged engine. Excerpt from The Sheffield Daily Indepenent Thurday October 10th 1907 "As the 1.30 pm express from Sheffield to Derby, Birmingham & Bristol was running at full speed, the second engine left the rails about 120 yards north of Dore Station. On the train rushed, the front engine fortunately keeping on the metals, but when the platforms were reached the engine caught the stonework with such force that the second engine was overturned, and the whole train was brought to a stanstill with such a jerk which shot the passengers off the seats of the carriages. Strange to relate the only persons who were injured were the driver & fireman of the second engine, No. 1527, who applied the brakes and manfully stuck to their posts until they were shot out on to the permanent way when the engine crashed over on to its side." Further Information from The Independent: Driver of the derailed engine: Charles Meek, aged 46 Plymouth Road Abbeydale . Leg injured, head and face bruised and cut. Suffering from shock. Removed to Royal Hospital, but not detained. Fireman: Henry Sergeant, aged 45, Nettleham Road, Norton Woodseats. Head and face bruised and cut. suffering from shock. Removed to Royal Hospital but not detained.For further information see also: Sheffield Daily Telegraph, Thursday 10th October 1907 Yorkshire Telegraph & Star Wednesday October 9th 1907