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Beehive Hotel, No 240, West Street

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Title:Beehive Hotel, No 240, West Street

It was built a long time before 1870 by a shoemaker named Robert Rose. He kept beehives in an adjoining garden which suggested the sign of the public house when he later obtained a licence. He planted a pear tree in front of the inn. In those days it was a country inn with very few houses beyond it. What is now Glossop Road, was merely a footpath running between gardens. Hanover Street was a narrow country lane with fields on both sides, while Broomhall Street, then Black Lambs Lane, and Convent Walk were both pleasant rural lanes flanked by fields and gardens. It was in 1817 that the Town Trustees agreed to lend towards the making of a turnpike road from Glossop to Sheffield "providing the said road enters the town through West Street." and as the Beehive was earlier than Glossop Road we can fix the date of its erection somewhere in the opening years of the nineteenth century. For more information see: The definitive Ato Z Listing of Sheffield Public Houses, Michael Liversidge 728.5 SQ