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Washford Bridge, Attercliffe Road

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Title:Washford Bridge, Attercliffe Road

Washford as the name implies was once a point where the river was forded. It is a long established crossing point, lying as it does on the line of an old packhorse and later turnpike road. The present Washford Bridge consisting of three arches of ashlar blocks made from honey coloured sandstone was built 1794 and widened to accomodate trams in 1880. It was the third stoine bridge to be built; The original bridge was built of wood about 1583; damaged in a small battle at the start of The Civil War, prior to the siege of Sheffield Castle in 1644. The first stone bridge was built in 1672 a little upstream of where Elizabeth Rodes' house once stood. A second stone bridge was built about 60 metres downstream but this must have have also been unsound because it only lasted 5 years. For more information see The Five Weirs Walk, Paul Griffiths Ref: 942.74 S See "Crossin' O'er", by S. Roy Davey, Cat. No. 624.2 S.