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Children being entertained by magician Hamilton Kaye

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Title:Children being entertained by magician Hamilton Kaye
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Ronald Kaye was born 20th May 1921 at Rock Street, Pitsmoor, Sheffield, he was known as Hamilton Kaye for magic shows and his magic business. At various times he was also known as Wizard Kaye; Ron Dalmo and briefly as Milton Kaye. He had a lifelong passion for magic and built a reputation in the local area as a conjuror and children's entertainer. He ran a magic business supplying tricks and his speciality flash paper and string. In 1982/3 he was proud to serve as President of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He died a few months before his 85th birthday on Christmas Day 2006.

Information from Peter Kaye (his son)

Collections of his photographs & memorabilia are held at both the National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield & Sheffield Local Studies Library, Central Library, Surrey Street. See Ref: 793.8 SSTQ