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Second night of Mr Holman's engagement, Theatre Sheffield

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Title:Second night of Mr Holman's engagement, Theatre Sheffield
Date Period:1800-1850

On Tuesday evening, October the 28th 1800, will be presented, Shakespeare's tragedy of Romeo and Juliet [Cast: Mr Holman, Mr M'Cready, Mr Harley, Mr Duncan, Mr Rowswell, Mr Halpin, Mr Lewis, Mr Waldron, Mr Macartney, Mr Day, Master Rowswell, Miss Biggs, Miss Duncan].

In Act 1 a Grand Masquerade. In Act IV a funeral procession and solemn dirge.

The vocal parts by Mrs Dumont, Miss Macartney, Mrs Waldron, Mrs Rowswell, and several resident vocal performers.

To which will be added (2d time) the new musical farce of St David's Day, Or, The Honest Welchman.  Written by Mr Dibdin, junior and performed with general approbation at the Theatre-Royal, Covent Garden.  The Music by Mr Atwood [cast: Mr Duncan, Mr Waldron, Mr Macartney, Mrs Rowswell, Mr Lewis, Mrs Macartney, Mrs Rowswell, Mrs Waldron, Miss Biggs, etc).

Third night of Mr Holman's engagement, will be on Wednesday the 29th instant.

Boxes 3s, Pit 2s, Gal. 1s.

Doors to be opened at half past five, and the performance or begin at half past six.

Tickets to be had at the Printers, and of Mr G. Pearce, in Fargate, of whom places in the boxes may eb taken.

Printed by T. Pierson.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 265 L.