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A plan of two building lots in Trippet Lane
A Plan of two building lots at the bottom of Park Hill
A Plan of Jonathan Tricket's tenements and ground in the Park [Tricket's Croft]
A plan of the ground on Park Hill held by Jonathan Tricket
A Plan of three parcels of ground on Park Hill belonging to the Earl of Surrey
A plan of the tenements of Simon Skidmore and Winter Morton
Plan of the widow Dearman's tenements in Trippet Lane
Plan of Richard Outram's building lot [corner of [Rockingham Street] and Trippet Lane]
A plan of the ground belonging to the Duke of Norfolk, and in the tenure of Edmund Howfield and Thomas Binney, describing also the Town lands and tenements contiguous and severally occupied by them
A plan of several proposed building lots [tenements between Holly Street and Holly Lane, including property on West Street]
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