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Posh Pillars, Jenkin Road, Wincobank

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Posh Pillars, Jenkin Road, Wincobank
Pete Evans

The Posh Pillar is a tall granite bank column, which towers over her daughters made from old granite farm rollers. Installed Nov 2010, each pillar has its own unique texts and steel sculptures on top that are an interpretation and representation of the history that is hidden on Wincobank Hill. It provides an interpretation of the site as well as making links to the different historical roles it has played as an Iron Age hill fort and a gun post in the Second World War, as well as the geology and plant life of the site. Through this interpretation it is hoped that the art work will encourage people to visit the site and be inspired to research more into Wincobank Hill’s rich and unique history.

An Anti-slavery poem written by Mary Anne Rawson is engraved on one of the ‘daughters.’ Mary Anne Rawson was born in Sheffield in 1801 to wealthy parents who encouraged her involvement in good causes, she lived in Wincobank Hall. From the mid 1820s to the 1850s she took the lead in the campaign against slavery in the Sheffield area. Artist Owen Cunningham has provided a sculpture for the anti-slavery pillar in the form of some shackles which provides a fitting interpretation of the poem.

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