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[The Ringinglow estate, the property of the late Thomas Rawson, 1827]

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Title:[The Ringinglow estate, the property of the late Thomas Rawson, 1827]
Date Period:1800-1850

Git Mottram: 1. Rough Smeltings and Croft, 2. House and garden, 3. Upper Smeltings, 4. Lower Smeltings.

In hand, 5. New planting, 6. Bank plantation, 7 and 8. plantations, 9. Weigh house, 10. Rough plantation toll house and part cultivated, 11. Stack Garth Plantation, 12 - 14. Plantations, 15. Upper Lumb, 16. Lower Lumb, 17. Plantation adjoining Porter Brook. 18. plantation in Angram Lane.

Richard Whitworth 19. Ringinglow Inn [later the Norfolk Arms], homestead, out buildings, yard and garden, 20. Stack Garth, 21. House Field, 22. Upper Planting field, 23. Cow Pasture, 24. Lamb Field, 25. Low Rye Field, 26. Rye Field. 27. Horse Pasture, 28. The Rough Banks;

James Creswick, 29. Bottoms, 30. Well Bank, 31. Well Field, 32. Middle Common Piece, 33. Four Acre, 34. Barley Field, 35. Wiggin Field, 36. Bennet Field and Calf Croft, 37. Anise Field, 38. Planting Field, 39. Croft, 40. Homestead, house etc., 41. Old Field;

Benjamin Fox, 42. Bank., 43. [black], 44. Broomhead Field, 45. Pingle.

Thomas Watson, 46. Allotment.

Also shows colliery, road from Grindleford Bridge [Sheephill Lane], Ringinglow Road, Barber Fields, road to Fulwood [Fulwood Lane], site of [Norfolk Arms], [toll house], house field, Angram Lane, road to Birks Green and road from Bower Hill [Cottage Lane?].

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Dimensions approx. 100 x 66 cm.

Original at Sheffield City Archives: FC/P/Shed/312L

Digitised with financial support from Sheffield and District Family History Society in memory of Professor David Hey (1938-2016) founder and life president of the Society.