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The Earl of Surrey’s tenements in Long Croft, Gibraltar [Street] and Bowler Springs

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The Earl of Surrey’s tenements in Long Croft, Gibraltar [Street] and Bowler Springs

The names of a later date have been added by Josiah Fairbank, and the line of Russell Street and Green Lane, and Bowling Green Street, added.

Kelham Wheel marked.

List of tenants given: John Anderton, - Lenthwaite, Hannah Patten, John Hughes, Joseph Broomhead, William Thompson, Robert Owen, Robert Milnes, John Stacey, Charles Kelk, Widow Jewel / William Jewet, Joshua Jackson, John Tricket, John Henfrey, John Ashwell, John Brownell, George Goodlad, John Ellis, Ruth Brewster, George Dyson, Joseph Dyson, Widow Jackson, Thomas Francis, Joseph Yeadon, Mary Yeadon, John Brownell, William Fowler, Benjamin Wood, Josh. Staniland, Jon. Wilde, Mary Yeadon, Thomas Kippax, Thomas Pinder, Thomas Pindar, Ellis Morton, Godfrey Rowley, William Bradshaw, Robert Dore, Stephen Gibson, Matthew Ingram, William Simpson, Overseers of Sheffield Poor, The Town of Sheffield, Joseph Ashforth, John Ibberson, John Goodall, Charles Stewardson, Charles Townsend, George Wilkinson, Elizabeth Holden, Joseph Swan, Thomas Bell, John Parkin, John Taylor, John Hinchcliff, John Brownell, William - , Jonn. Wa-, John Read, Joseph Bower.

Dimensions approx. 88 x 46 cm.

Original at Sheffield City Archives: FC/P/SheS/477L.

Digitised with financial support from Sheffield and District Family History Society in memory of Professor David Hey (1938-2016) founder and life president of the Society.

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