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William Hage (1754 - )

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William Hage (1754 - )
Rayner / Oakley

Inscription with image reads The celebrated guide to Haddon Hall Derbyshire, the descendant of a family which has served in the house of manners upwards of three centuries. He was born in 1754 and in his present capacity has been known to visitors sixty one years.'

Drawn on stone by Rayner ; from a drawing by Oakley.

Original at Sheffield City Archives: JC/1268 No. 21.

Additional notes:

Original portrait in the British Museum ( c1808?) Born 1754 at Haddon Hall - married Dorothy Short 1775 Died 9<sup>th</sup> May 1840 at Haddon Hall age 85/6.

William was a descendant of John Ward, Deer Keeper c1527 to the Lord of Haddon - George Vernon. John's son followed after him, with other male & female family members continuing down the generations in the service of the Manners family for around 300 yrs.

William's father had been groom to the Marquis of Granby, then had preceded William as caretaker and guide of Haddon Hall. William took over around 1790.

It is believed that William started the legendary story of the elopement of lovers Dorothy Vernon and John Manners. Prior to 1817 when William 'told the story' to a visitor, it had never been heard of. Dorothy & John had existed, but the actual details of the event have never been verified.

Information: S. Hedges


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