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Ordnance Survey Map, sheet no. Yorkshire No. 294.4.21

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Ordnance Survey Map, sheet no. Yorkshire No. 294.4.21

This map features:

Top left: Rutland Road, [Woodside Board School] School (Girls and Infants), Playground, Botsford Street, Rutland Street, Woodside Lane Birley Street, Fowler Street, Grove Street, Sales Street, Kirkham Place, Fowler Place, Fowler Terrace, Westow Place, Langton Place, Corporation Yard, Stone Yard.

Top right: Grove Street, Sales Street, Fowler Street, United Free Methodist Chapel [Pye Bank Methodist Free Church], Fowler Street Hotel Public House, Haywood Road, Pitsmoor Road, Post Office, Fox and Duck Inn, Bank Top, Victoria Terrace, Chapel Terrace, Victoria Cottage, [Pye Bank Board School] School, Playground, Recreational Ground, Arundel Cottage, Fox Street, Andover Street, West Pye Bank, Gray Street.

Bottom left: Botsford Street, Rutland Street, Woodside Lane, Birley Street, Fowler Street, Macro Street, Wilson Street, Malton Place, Cooper Terrace, Harvest Lane, Platt Street, Bingley Street, Reginald Street, Marshall Street, Wheat Sheaf Inn, Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway.

Bottom right: Grove Street, Marshall Street, Fox Street, Fox Hill, Gray Street, Rock Street, Andover Street West, Victoria Cottage, Chapel Terrace, Bank Rise, Pye Bank, Tower Terrace, Richbell Place, Blenkarn Place, Blenkarn House, Harrington Place, Myrtle Villa, Beech Villa, Arundel Terrace, Tower Hill, Tower House, Grove cottage, Manor View, Hawthorne Cottage, Grove Lodge, Bank House.

Dimensions 77 x 102 cm.

Scale 10.56 feet : 1 mile [1:500].

Original at Sheffield City Archives.

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