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Ordnance Survey Map, sheet no. Yorkshire No. 294.11.2

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Ordnance Survey Map, sheet no. Yorkshire No. 294.11.2

This map features:

Top Left: Glossop Road, Fulwood Road, Whitham Road, Newbould Lane, Nile Street, Crookes Road, Taptonville Road, Ashgate Road, Ashdell Road, Peel Street, Chandos Street, South Sea Hotel (public house), Beech Terrace, Montgomery Place, Brunswick Terrace, Mount Terrace, The Mount, Broomhill Tavern (public house), [Broomhill Chapel] Methodist Chapel (New Connexion) on Glossop Road, Welbourne Terrace, Ash Mount, Mission Room on Ashgate Road.

Bottom Left: Ashdell Road, Westbourne Road, Melbourne Avenue, , smithy, Woodbourne, Ceylon House, Summerfield, The Chestnuts, Wensley Villa, Birkby House, St Kilda, St Mark’s Vicarage, Dell Side, Ash Dell (in margin), Birch Lodge, Ashdell Lodge, Fern Lea, The Hollies, Clifton Cottage, Holmleigh.

Top Right: school (in margin), Newbould Lane, Watson Road, Broomfield Road, Glossop Road, St Mark’s Crescent, St Mark’s Church, Woodthorpe Villa, Mulgrave House, Rossleigh, Broomfield, Broomfield Lodge, Broomhill House, Rockside, Lea Hurst, Oak Villa, Hawthorn Villas, Scarborough Villas, Westend Villas, Hawkburn Villas.

Bottom Right: Newbould Lane, Clarkehouse Road, Wesley College, Glossop Road [later King Edward VII School], Mount View, Sheffield High School (girls), Moor Lodge, [Broompark] Congregational Church on Newbould Lane, Birkdale, The Hollies, Broom Villa, Stamford Lodge, Thornton Lodge.

Surveyed, 1889.

Dimensions 77 x 102 cm.

Scale 10.56 feet : 1 mile [1:500]

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