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Harry Brearley 1871-1948, Inventor of Stainless Steel

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Title:Harry Brearley 1871-1948, Inventor of Stainless Steel
Date Period:1920-1939

Born 18th February 1871 in Ramsden's Yard at the back of 23 Spital Street died at Livermead, Torquay aged 77 on the 14th July 1948. While working in the Brown_Firth Research Laboratories in 1913, Harry Brearley was testing low-carbon steels for gun barrels that contained only 12% chromium and found these steels had the abiliy to resist corrosion. He recognised the implication and suggested it could be used for cutlery. There was however a dispute over the rights of the invention which eventually led to him resigning from Firth's. Later became Works Manager at Brown Bayley's Steel Works For more information about the life of Harry Brearley see: Harry Brearley Stainless Steel Pioneer, Autobiographical Notes, Ref. B. Brea S