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Wonderland, Fitzalan Square playbill

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Title:Wonderland, Fitzalan Square playbill
Date Period:1900-1919

Wonderland. Fitzalan Square, Open every evening, 3 performances nightly. First house doors open at 7 o’clock. Monday Jan 13th 1902 and during the week.

Still they come! For six nights only of the Robertson Comedy Co., in the Humorous Hibernian Farcical Sketch PADDY or, The Doctor’s Boy, in five scenes. Cast: Herbert Lemley, Fred Knott, Arthur Leone, Harry Dalton, Miss Jenny Maskell, Miss Ethel Simms.

Specially pleasing engagement and first visit of Bessie Franks, ballad and descriptive vocalist.

Important engagement at enormous expense of Frank Dizart, England’s Premier handcuff mystifier - Hardeen’s rival. £10 will be given to any person finding trickery in any handcuff or leg iron used in this Act. The public and police are specially invited to bring their own handcuffs.  All handcuffs and leg irons used in this Act are guaranteed police regulation.

On Thursday, Jan 16th, for the first time, a grand Instrumental Contest, open to all comers. Competitors to play a solo in any instrument they like.  The Audience to decide by show of hands the winning competitor. Prize - a beautiful rolled-gold keyless hunter.

Admission 1d. Front seats 2d.

The BIGGEST show in the WORLD for the PRICE.

Dimensions: approx 25 x 75cm.

Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: MP 427 VL.